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Founder & Chairman, Sagar Group

I have seen Sagar Group journey of 40 years day-by-day from a one-room company to a sizeable corporate house in Central India. We began our journey catering to the basic needs of individuals and today we largely impact communities. This journey of four decades has evolved us into the most trusted brand in the healthcare, housing, education, and industry (textiles & food processing) sectors delivering absolute satisfaction with our value chain.

I always had a firm belief in our strong value system and the same has infiltrated in the team with I work. Me and my team work with a mission to 'Build Nation' constantly adding to India's growth each day. With our constant focus in our operating sectors, we improve each day, our capacities, capabilities, and outreach to set new trends keeping with the pace of global developments.

As we begin the journey to the next decade, we need to accelerate our capabilities and capacities, learn from past decades of experiences, and strive hard to create and deliver value to the lives of the people we impact each day. For us sustainable development is the priority. I thank the Almighty God for providing me with this fulfilling and enriching experience to serve dues to society. I extend my heartiest greetings and best wishes to all fellow citizens at the dawn of the New Year to be instilled with fresh energy and bring new happiness, goals, inspirations, and greater achievements in our lives.

I wish for the progress prosperity and good health of our glorious nation and the citizens in the year 2024.

Sagar Group is one of the fastest growing business conglomerates of Central India operating in Healthcare, Industry, Real Estate and Education truly realizing the vision of contributing in areas of the most important needs of a person. Over the past four decades, we have been fortunate to impact the lives of 5 lakh people each day who believed in our vision and inspired us to be ambitious and achieve it with excellence.

Today, the world is watching India, the way it is redefining its economy as a Global Leader. It is our group’s responsibility towards the nation to redefine and contribute to our ability and carve our future by creating opportunities as the next phase of growth conserving our archives.

Sagar Group’s biggest strength is its value chain of needs that believes in living to its dreams, taking it forward by delivering quality, exceeding customer expectations and adding to establish itself as THE NAME TO TRUST.

I feel privileged to be part of Sagar Group and its team which believes in continuous improvement that sets higher standards of sustainable and ambitious growth path to establish a foothold. I look at these opportunities to imbue and impact more communities by serving them.


siddharth sudhir agrawal

Managing Director, Sagar Group



Director, Sagar Group

“Success is a simple measurement of commitment, sacrifice and pain one endures to achieve a dream.” Sagar Group is built on trust and relationships. The recognition it has received reflects our commitment towards achieving quality and excellence. To build the same we functioned in various teams created better processes and in demand products and innovated time to time. Our innovations added value to sync with needs of the society. We continuously add new resources, people and processes and Business with strong processes and practices which believes in doing right thing in the right way.

To me, Sagar Group is an incarnation of dreams and hopes of all our team members who believe in charting and climbing paths each day. It is their entrepreneurial skills by which team makes it simpler and faster using innovations, technology and resources. The clearly defined decision-making matrix empowers them and guides them faster. Our rich and proud culture is solution based and has emerged due to its vastness and diversification. I am excited with my team to continuously add value to the value chain to bring the new wave of innovation with products and projects to bring efficacy to the business.

With full dedication and excitement in what we do I rest my pen not my thoughts.

Kapil Kumar Agarwal

Chief Executive Officer, SMPL

Dr. Aditya Agarwal

Director, Sagar Multispeciality Hospital

Amit Johri

Chief General Manager


Rajwant singh Raghaw

GM HR and Admin

Manoj Singh

General Manager, Projects

Rahul Mishra

General Manager, Marketing

Pulkit Saxena

Asst. General Manager Projects


Dinesh Sabbarwal

AGM - Finance and Accounts


Vivek Parsai

AGM - Finance and Accounts